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Precious Woo Beads

It creates the wood bead of Natio, carefully selecting the article which suited a fitment from the precious wood which gathers in all over the world.
Also, it doesn’t do a color to cherish the grain-woody-texture of the choice wood and the color, the texture which is just as it is and it creates it politely one by one.



“Play with color and texture”

he choice wood
,It is the generic name of the lumber that an ad opus with the characteristic which is in the configuration – the color – the grain-woody-texture – the construction material and so on is highly valued and the getting is difficult.

It is doing a peculiar color and a grain-woody-texture and it may be different from the image of the general wood.

          銘木 イメージ


“The amazing lightness”

The wooden character be light after all.
With the necklace with the big part, the wood fitment never notices weight like a metal.
The part which has the thickness to have made a colon is presence much.
It doesn’t annoy a kind colour shade in the fashion in spite of being.

“Rare precious woods from around the world”

With about 100 kinds of precious woods, it creates various wood fitments.
The craftsman record a jiva to the wonderful log which the nature produced and attempt to experience doing the improving of the complete wood fitment once by all means for the hand.


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